Some secret of WhatsApp tricks you (probably) didn’t know about



Fortunately for you (and so for us), we’ve worn each in. of WhatsApp to collect up its most helpful options. Browse these high tips and you’ll be a professional in no time in any respect.



We know however it’s. You are at ice skating follow, your phone buzzes, and you look down concisely before nailing a spectacular triple axel.

Clearly, you haven’t got time to reply in real time. However at the identical time, you do not need the sender to grasp that you have already checked out the message. Lest they assume you are ignoring them after you fail to reply for 2 additional hours. That is the privilege the blue ticks remove.

Recently the chat app has completed the error of its ways in which and mutely come back up with a workaround. The freedom of message-mulling is ours once more.


Within the Settings menu, attend Account, then Privacy and switch off browse Receipts. The sole snag is you’ll not get them for people either.

Want to induce sneaky? If you wish to browse one thing on the downlow while not let go browse receipt privileges. Merely place your phone in plane Mode before reading the message and you may dodge a blue tick. Simply confirm you have closed the app before you switch your information back on. we can’t tell anyone.

2) determine YOUR BFFS

In the year 2017, friendships aren’t measured on loyalty or time, it’s all concerning what proportion information you’ve shared. WhatsApp has that information and you’ll use it to form your own hierarchical list of your favorite friends. No, there is nothing weird that in any respect. What is additional, if you click through you’ll mass delete stuff that’s seizing an excessive amount of area.

How: Head to Settings > information and Storage Usage > Storage Usage. And you’ll see a listing of your most vital teams and contacts hierarchical per the information you’ve gone on them. Ah, the romance of contemporary living.

3) SEE once YOUR MESSAGES ARE browse

In cluster chats, those gray ticks solely flip blue once each member of the cluster has browse your message. however there lurks among WhatsApp a handy thanks to determine who’s neglecting you…

How: On robot, hold down on a message you have sent and choose information, or on iOS, merely swipe left on the message you would like the main points on. it’s going to show you UN agency it has been delivered to, who’s browse it and once. This conjointly works with individual chats.


Batman. David Jim Bowie. Pepe the Prawn. All people that have designed their much-vaunted careers on Associate in Nursing air of air and separateness. you’ll bet they’d have their WhatsApp profile pics set to personal, rather than treating the globe to a bedraggled picture of them and a bottle of Lambrini. So, because the locution goes, continually be yourself unless you’ll be like attender.

How: Head to Settings > Privacy > Profile picture > no one.

5) MUTE cluster CHATS

With WhatsApp teams solely capped at fifty participants, they will generally get pretty busy. Forestall yourself from being woken up by incessant messages by muting specific teams.

How: faucet on the cluster chat of your alternative, then the name to refer cluster information wherever you may realize the choice to Mute the chat for either eight hours, one week or a year. though if you are selecting the latter, you would possibly additionally leave altogether.


If you’re on robot you’ll produce shortcuts to widespread chats and allow them to continue to exist your homescreen: helpful if there are sure folks you chat to additional usually.

How: faucet and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your alternative and a tab can crop up. choose the Add spoken communication route choice and also the chat in question can seem because the person’s profile picture on your mobile desktop.


If you are making an attempt to allow directions to your mates on wherever to satisfy and obtaining obscurity, you’ll sling them a drop pin of your current location and acquire them to form their thanks to you exploitation maps. If you are not there nevertheless, you’ll conjointly send them a pin of wherever you are heading to, or instead, use a more moderen feature to share your ‘live location’ to allow them to track your movements on the way.

This will broadcast your location to them for a alternative of quarter-hour, one hour or eight hours. modified your mind concerning wanting your whereabouts known? you’ll finish it whenever you would like by clicking the “stop sharing” choice within the chat.

8) How On IOS

How: On iOS, click the + icon to the left of the chat box, and select Location. this can refer all of your choices for the on top of, tho’ {you can|you’ll|you may} must approve Whatsapp to understand your location in any respect times if you would like to use Live Location (it will prompt you to try and do this if you haven’t already). On Android, head to the Attach menu and select Location within the same manner – you’ll have to approve the app for similar location permissions here too.

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