The iPad Pro’s USB-C port is great. It should be on my iPhone, too



When Apple declared Tuesday that its iPad professional had ditched the proprietary Lightning port in favor of USB-C, my eyes lit up.

Lightning has had an honest run. However i would be happy to toss my assortment of Lightning cables into my junk drawer aboard those for Firewire arduous drives, VGA video and printers that contrariwise used those weird square USB connectors.

Why? USB-C is healthier than Lightning, rental you connect Apple product to a lot of devices. It is the new commonplace for charging automaton phones and lots of laptops, as well as Apple’s own.

In Apple’s insular world, wherever Cupertino engineers principally do not have to bother themselves concerning. The existence of Windows laptops and automaton smartphones, USB-C solves real issues.

Our world has too several incompatible cables and dongles to bridge the gap between recent and new devices. USB-C offers a path to a less complicated, saner future.

USB-C in my life

Standardizing on USB-C makes my gadget-heavy life easier. All 3 of the subsequent things happened to Pine Tree State within the last month:

At a conference, i used to be fast from area to area and making an attempt to stay my MacBook professional and 2 phones charged. Many times I unplugged the USB-C charging cable from my mackintosh and into my Google component three XL phone to stock up its battery. My iPhone was stranded as a result of I did not bring a Lightning cable.

I required earbuds for a Skype decision within the workplace mistreatment my mackintosh. The component 3’s USB-C earbuds worked simply fine with my mackintosh.

At night, i take advantage of my iPad to observe video however my 2-year-old component phone to pay attention to music and podcasts. Each work with my recent earbuds with a 3.5 mm audio jack, however those earbuds simply started dying. I may obtain another set, however why hassle once 3.5 mm jacks are disappearing?


My examples involve a component three, however USB-C is that the norm for flagship automaton phones as well as the Samsung Galaxy S 9 and Note nine, One Plus 6 T and LG V 40. Multiply the amount of places you would like to charge your phone home, office, car, friend’s house by the amount of phones around, and you may see why USB-C charging would be nice for the iPhone similarly.

Although my work means that i’ve got a lot of gadgets than the common person, my state of affairs is not that way faraway from the thought. My school hassles usually are a preview of what a a lot of thought population can need to endure over a extended amount of your time. Whereas performing from a building or borrowing devices from friends or co-workers.

And my hassles would be greatly reduced if I did not have that Lightning port in my life. Whether or not I solely had Apple hardware, USB-C is that the one port that best spans tablets, PCs and phones.

What USB-C will that Lightning cannot

Another huge reason i am an addict of USB-C is that it’s got a higher hardware scheme than Lightning or a minimum of it’ll because the association technology matures and spreads.

USB-C already pays Pine Tree State dividends with chargers and earbuds, however different devices can return. On the iPad professional, it will work to dump photos and videos from cameras. Similarly as hook up with electronic instruments, moorage stations and external monitors.

That’s an enormous step toward creating the iPad professional into a full fledged laptop computer. Whether or not it’s running iOS and not ancient laptop computer operative systems, whether or not Windows or MacOS. I appreciate the actual fact that the iPad professional will use USB-C to charge iPhones, too.

Apple’s long plans are not clear here, however the corporate has gone out of its thanks to boast the iPad professional as a capable laptop computer replacement and therefore the company clearly sees iPads as productivity devices.


Apple’s new iPad keyboard, although it prices $179 and $199 for the 2 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPads and lacks a trackpad, options conspicuously in Apple’s iPad professional promotional photos. Apple let Adobe Systems take the stage throughout the launch event to point out off a full-fledged version of Photoshop for the iPad. USB-C very helps the iPad computer ambition.

Well, apart from one issue. You cannot plug storage devices into the iPad’s USB-C port. meaning no external drives with plenty of video to edit or thumb drives thus you’ll transfer that file from your friend.

If you are coming up with on mistreatment your iPad to edit your SLR’s high-resolution photos whereas you are on vacation, contemplate obtaining the costlier models with a lot of storage, as a result of you will not be able to simply copy those that do not work onto AN external USB drive.

Now USB-C iPhones too, please

You’re not as seemingly to attach cameras or thumb drives to your iPhone, however there are smart reasons for USB-C there, too.

First, you would be able to charge in additional places, as well as from your MacBook or iPad professional charger.

Meaning less junk on your table or in your grip and fewer of a controversy if you forget one thing. Perhaps it’s going to even mean some worth pressure on Apple’s expensive chargers, too. (We will dream, right?)


Second, USB-C is that the best resolution of the industry’s abandonment of three.5mm audio jacks. As a result of face it, they don’t seem to be coming.

With USB-C iPhones, you would be able to use one set of earbuds or headphones together with your laptops, phones and no matter devices you purchase within the future.

Third, Apple’s decisions send a very important message to the other school company. A USB-C iPhone would facilitate automobile makers, speaker manufacturers et al embrace USB-C and deliver on its general promise.

That will ne’er happen — Apple did not reply to requests for comment — however today’s iPad professional already sends a message to natural philosophy manufacturers that Lightning’s future is unsure which Apple appreciates what USB-C must provide.

New worth for the iPad professional

The USB-C blessings might not be worthwhile for you nowadays.

Particularly if you do not have a more moderen mackintosh, don’t desire to pay $9 for AN Apple USB-C adapter for your favorite recent headphones with a three.5mm jack, or have accessories like speaker dock dependent on a Lightning port.

But it’s worthwhile to Pine Tree State, for charging and earbuds nowadays and for photography on my next laptop-free vacation.

I still have issues concerning the iPad professional as a full-on laptop computer replacement.

There isn’t any trackpad, the keyboard lacks a forward-delete key, and a few things as routine as copy and paste I do many times each day are slower than on a “real” laptop computer.

However i take advantage of the iPad enough that i am assured it’s worthwhile on behalf of me.

USB-C on the iPad and on iPhones, too, if we’re lucky can facilitate create your life higher, too.

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