Robots will deliver your mail in Norway



When you consider robots stealing jobs, you think that concerning AI. Concerning new technology that supercedes the bounds of humanity.

A automaton could be a machine especially one programmable by a computer capable of closing a fancy series of actions mechanically.


And TOSY’s TOSY Ping mephitis taking part in automaton (TOPIO) to industrial robots, medical operational robots, patient assist robots, dog medical aid robots, jointly programmed swarm robots, UAV drones. like General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, and even microscopic nano robots.

By mimicking a lifelike look or automating movements, a automaton could convey a way of intelligence or thought of its own.

The branch of technology that deals with the look, construction, operation, and application of robots further. As laptop systems for his or her management, sensory feedback, and data process is AI. These technologies pander to machine-controlled machines which will take the place of humans in dangerous environments or producing processes. Or gibe humans in look, behavior, or noesis. These robots have conjointly created a more recent branch of AI: soft robotics.


From the time of ancient civilization there are several accounts of user configurable machine controlled devices and even automata resembling animals and humans designed primarily as diversion.

As mechanical techniques developed through the commercial age. There appeared a lot of sensible applications like machine-controlled machines, remote control and wireless remote control.

The term comes from a Czech word robota. That means forced labor the word robot was 1st wont to denote a fictional mechanical man during a 1920. Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti Rossum’s Universal Robots by the Czech author Karel Čapek. However it had been Karel’s brother Josef Čapek World Health Organization was the word’s true artificer.


Physics evolved into the thrust of development with the appearance of the primary electronic autonomous robots. Created by William gray director in Bristol, England in 1948, further as laptop Numerical management machine tools within the late Forties by John T. Parsons and Frank L. Stulen. The primary business, digital and programmable Automaton was designed by St. George Devol in 1954 and was named the Unimate.

It had been sold-out to General Motors in 1961 wherever it had been wont to elevate items of hot metal from die casting machines at the upcountry. Fisher Guide Plant within the West capital of New Jersey section of Ewing administrative district, New Jersey.

You’re in all probability not puzzling over “snail mail”.

But the Norwegian mail service. Posten, has simply signed a partnership with a metropolis startup referred to as sidekick quality to produce a golem that virtually delivers your mail. To your door. Kinda.


I guess you may decision this issue a golem. You may additionally referred to as it a moving PO Box with wheels. That seems pretty underwhelming, but sure.
According to sidekick Mobility’s official webpage. This partnership can offer Posten with cost savings to offset revenue losses and can dramatically decrease mail volumes.

The robots will not deliver mail on to your house, and can instead send recipients a notification through associate app. You’ll walk up, devour your mail and also the Posten golem are on its merry approach, back to the post workplace for a recharge.



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