How I shot a rock concert on the iPhone X

iPhone X

iPhone X

Normally my iPhone X ($830 at Amazon Marketplace) would not be my initial camera selection for taking photos at a concert.

Rock gigs are dark, fast-paced, and therefore the iPhone’s little image sensing element does not let in abundant lightweight sometimes an ideal storm of shoddy pictures. However considering however affected i have been with the iPhone X’s camera up to now. I made a decision to provide it an effort.

A combination of image noise and tough lighting meant my shots will not build the quilt of Rolling Stone, however with some extent of trial and error. I got a range of dramatic shots that i am happy with.

I’d organized access to the photograph pit for English rock act Don Broco’s performance at Alexandra Palace in north London.

That place American state right ahead of the stage, with a dramatic, low angle read for my shots. Crucially, by not being within the audience, it additionally meant i would not hinder anyone’s read from the audience once I delayed my phone.

The draw back on the far side feeling sort of a total amateur shooting with my iPhone next to seasoned execs with life sized DSLRs is that official photographers during this pit typically have a restricted time to urge their snaps. In my case, I had 3 songs, then i used to be out. I had to shoot quick.

Stage lights build things tough

The crowd roared because the band came out on stage, however the lights remained extraordinarily low. That designed drama for the audience however it ruined any chance I had to urge shots.

As gap song Technology kicked in loud American state instantly. I used to be right ahead of an enormous speaker the stage lights burst into action.

Whereas the spotlights lit up the performers the lights were erratic swooping round the stage and strobing on and off. I required the sunshine to stay on the faces long enough to urge a clean shot however the window of chance was typically there for fewer than a second.

By holding my finger on the shutter button, I might take multiple shots per second. All it takes may be a second for singer Rob Damiani’s face to catch the sunshine because the beam speeds past him.


In those instant moments, I might solely hope i used to be obtaining the shot once the show. I used to be able to undergo the burst captures and choose the shot wherever the sunshine was good.

It’s a hit and miss approach I’ll admit. Out of the many shots I took in burst mode on the night. I am solely very pleased with concerning six. The remainder were eventually deleted to liberate house.

Although i used to be near the stage I principally shot whereas zoomed in exploitation the iPhone’s second zoom lens.

This lens includes a wide f/1.8 aperture on the iPhone X, that allows additional light-weight than the zoom lens on the previous iPhones. Thus i used to be assured that i might get the identical result exploitation either lens.

Capturing the atmosphere

Capturing the band solely tells a number of the story thus I turned my lens on the group behind American state. Each hand was within the air and most of the fans were singing on I did not must offer any encouragement to capture the mood.

It was at this time that singer Damiani left the stage, crossed the photograph pit past American state and mounted the group barrier to sing the chorus. It had been an excellent moment that showed the band’s amazing stage presence and therefore the manner they move with their fans.

But even that moment did not last long thus I once more had to use burst mode to extend my probabilities of obtaining a usable image.


Holding my phone up high to indicate not solely Damiani. However the extent of the crowds on the far side. I command my finger on the button firing maybe 70 something pictures.

Lighting was a difficulty once more the stage lights were not point to the group.

Even then I had to method the image in Snapseed. In addition as changing to black and white. I’ve lightened the image remarking the shadows within the background to indicate additional of the group.

Which means the detail merely is not there to print it enter an oversized size. However i am pleased with this image once I read it on a phone screen on Instagram or Twitter.

The final shot I wished was a wider read, encompassing each the stage and therefore the crowd. Once my time was up within the photograph pit i used to be forced to hitch the recent, sweating crowd.

I headed to left and captured a wide view shot that. Because of the paper cannon resulted in an exceedingly dramatic action packed image.

Brightening and color toning in Snapseed

Brightening in Snapseed was necessary on most of the shots I took. After that I compete around with color balance exploitation totally different filters.

That is a crucial step as several of the stage lights were totally different colors leading to a vivid pink being stitch the band that did not invariably look nice.

In these instances I found that changing to black and white resulted in an exceedingly abundant nicer image overall.

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