The complete list of Google Home commands so far

Google Home

Google Home

The Google Home is a $130 (£130 or AU$199) sensible home speaker that showcases the unnaturally intelligent, voice-activated Google Assistant. It permits you to set timers, management lights and thermostats, play triviality games, watch YouTube or Netflix and additional all with easy voice commands.

Google has discharged a web site filled with all the capabilities of Google Home. Whereas it is a seriously useful web site, you have got to initial be somewhat acquainted with the speaker and it’s heavily supported search. That means you want to have a concept of what you would like to try and do initial.

As such, we tend to’ve done our greatest to assemble and check everything we may think about. Below you may notice the (almost) complete list of voice commands for the Google Home to date.

Summoning the Google Assistant

You can begin a spoken communication with the Google Home by merely expression, “OK, Google,” or “Hey, Google.” conjury the Google Assistant on your phone works the identical means. However your account can grasp to solely respond on one among the devices, whether or not each hear you.

Conversational commands

The Google Home permits you to raise lines of queries that are connected. As an example, you may say, Hey, Google, play ‘Lose Yourself to bounce. Then, “OK, Google, what album is that this from? Then Hey Google, play that album. While you are not mistreatment the name of the album, Google Assistant understands the context and provides the solution.

Continued Conversations

Additionally, back in June, Google intercalary a feature known as continuing Conversations. Once you speak a command to a Google Home speaker, it’ll complete the action and continue listening for an additional command.

For instance, you’ll be able to say, “OK, Google, what is the weather?” once it tells you the weather, say, “What regarding tomorrow?” Then you may say, “Remind ME to bring associate umbrella tomorrow morning,” all while not ever having to repeat the wake phrase.

String 2 commands along

Google additionally recently enabled a replacement feature on Google Home that permits you to talk up to a few consecutive commands in one sentence. As an example, you’ll be able to say things like. Hey Google, play Hammock on Spotify and set the degree to 10 or OK Google, what is the weather and switch on the front room lights.

Almost any of the on top of commands may be used along, however some commands can solely work once phrased in a very specific means. Associate undeniably easier thanks to build Google Home perform multiple actions without delay, however, is to make a routine.


Much like Alexa, Google Home currently has routines which will be triggered with a custom phrase or on a custom schedule. In short, you’ll be able to produce a routine that turns off the lights round the house, locks the outside door, adjusts the temperature and plays soothing music after you say, OK Google good night.

Or you will have a routine that runs each morning on a schedule as associate alarm that plays the news, activates the lights, makes your occasional and creates a timer thus you recognize once it is time to go away the house.

Multilingual support

If you reside in a very trilingual home, Google has additionally created it thus Google Home speakers will perceive 2 languages without delay. You’ll be able to presently select a mixture of any 2 of the presently supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Once founded, Google Home can then be able to answer you in a very totally different language on the fly. Supported the language during which you originally spoke the command.

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