Stop using the wrong pans when baking

wrong pans

Wrong pans

Is the wrong pans the key to an excellent cake or fantastic brownies? you’ll be able to bake casseroles and desserts in a very many alternative sorts of pans. However the $64000 question is, which sort of pan produces excellent results each time?

Some materials are higher at conducting heat (which means that they get hot quickly), whereas others heat slowly however equally. Some need special laundry and storage issues, whereas others will handle plenty of abuse.

How does one decide between stainless-steel, copper, aluminum, forged iron and glass baking pans? Let’s know.

Stainless steel

On most cookery shows, you will see the chefs victimisation stainless-steel pans and cookery sheets. They’re a professional selection as a result of they heat quickly and equally. You’ll be able to additionally pop these unhealthy boys within the dishwasher as a result of they’re super sturdy.

The huge downside? stainless-steel is not non-stick. It takes plenty of preparation to bake with this material while not ending up with a crusty, stuck-on mess.


Copper pans are the simplest at conducting heat, providing fast, even baking.

The problem with copper pans? they’re costly and are not terribly sturdy. Plus, they’re going to develop a coat over time and want to be polished to urge them back thereto lovely copper radiancy. They don’t seem to be dishwasher safe, either, thus you will be committed to laundry them by hand.


While atomic number 13 pans distribute heat well and are cheap, they don’t seem to be terribly sturdy, nor are they non-stick. Avoid them in favor of one thing additional sturdy.

Aluminum oxide pans are the exception to the no-aluminum rule. they’re made of atomic number 13 that has passed through a treatment method that creates them terribly sturdy and somewhat slippery . Hunt for pans tagged as anodized atomic number 13 to urge the sturdiness and semi-nonstick surface.

Cast iron

Cast iron pans are used for hundreds of years. whereas they’re dearer than most alternative materials, they’re the foremost sturdy. These pans are typically passed down from generation to generation, in fact. Another nice feature is that they will be seasoned to be slippery .
Cast iron has 2 downsides, though. It’s abundant more durable to require care of than alternative materials as a result of it tends to rust simply. The pans are terribly significant.


I love my glass baking pans as a result of they do not dent or rust. They additionally heat slowly, however terribly equally. they are excellent for baking breads and casseroles equally.

Glass pans are the simplest selection once you are baking acidic things like preserve or tomato-based casserole. Acids in foods will react with metal pans and provides your finished dish a bimetallic style.

If you are cookery quickly at high temperatures, though, like once victimisation the broil setting, metal may be a higher bet. Glass employed in high heat will shatter.

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