Some new fitness features coming to your Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Major changes are returning with a significant update to the Apple Watch ($399 at Apple), dubbed WatchOS five. The new update can become offered to all or any Apple Watch a pair of ($379 at Amazon Marketplace) and Apple Watch three homeowners weekday, Sept. 17.

Apple Watch ($350 at Walmart) users will expect a link mode that allows you to now connect with friends and family with short audio snippets. Third-party apps are seeable within the Siri watch face. And custom Siri commands referred to as Shortcuts are accessible from your Watch.

Some of the largest updates in WatchOS five, however, are for the various those that use their Apple Watch to trace their workouts and fitness. Here are four new ways that Apple Watch can facilitate your shut your rings.

Compete with friends

One of the simplest stuff you will do for your own fitness is to possess Associate in Nursing responsibleness partner. Fitbit, for example, allows you to vie along with your friends for the foremost steps. shortly the Apple Watch can, too.

With WatchOS five, you will be ready to challenge your friends to weekly competitions. you will be ready to track your friends’ progress and see however your progress compares to theirs.

Automatic physical exercise detection

Likely the largest new fitness feature returning to the Apple Watch is automatic physical exercise detection. once the Apple Watch senses you are starting a physical exercise, it’ll recommend it starts following it.

Best of all, if you passed over on some minutes before setting out to track the physical exercise, Apple Watch can offer you retroactive credit for that, too. And if you forget to prevent following once your physical exercise is over, the Apple Watch can sight that and mechanically finish it.

More physical exercise modes

Apple conjointly proclaimed twelve new physical exercise modes. Yoga, for instance, is currently a recognized physical exercise sort. As is hiking, that tracks your pace, rate and elevation.

New metrics whereas running

While running, you will get new metrics throughout your physical exercise. for instance, whereas on an out of doors run, the Apple Watch can keep track of your rolling mile pace. you’ll conjointly set a pace responsive to facilitate your keep a target pace. And you’ll see your cadence to trace your steps per minute.

Listen to podcasts

Technically, this is not specifically a fitness-focused feature, however it is not uncommon to fireplace up a podcast for a hike or different physical exercise. Now, podcasts are returning to the Apple Watch. Your progress in any podcast is synced across all of your Apple devices and you’ll rummage around for any podcast offered in Apple Podcasts simply by asking Siri.

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