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On Tuesday, Instagram proclaimed you will soon gain the flexibility to mute different users. When muted, a user’s story and photos not show up in your feed. Except for all the opposite person is aware of, you continue to follow them and everything is simply fine. No drama.

Instagram could be a pic and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. It absolutely was created by Kevin Systrom and electro-acoustic transducer Krieger, and launched in Oct 2010 solely on iOS.

A version for golem devices was discharged a year and vi months later, in April 2012, followed by a feature-limited web site interface in Nov 2012. And apps for Windows ten Mobile and Windows ten in April 2016 and Oct 2016 severally.

The app permits users to transfer photos and videos to the service, which may be altered with numerous filters, and arranged with tags and placement data. Associate account’s posts is shared in public or with pre-approved followers.

Users will browse alternative users’ content by tags and locations, and consider trending content. Users will “like” photos, and follow alternative users to feature their content to a feed.


Muting AN account is very handy if you do not wish to upset a devotee or relative by unfollowing their account, but just can’t stand. The constant physical exercise or brunch photos.

The feature is rolling out over the following few weeks, thus if you do not have the choice quite however, keep checking.

To mute somebody, faucet on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of their post. A listing of choices can show up, one in every of that is Mute. You may then have the choice to mute

  • solely pic posts
  • solely story postsor both.

Alternatively, you’ll mute somebody by visiting their profile, or with an extended proceed a story.

Remember however you started following your least favorite full cousin on Instagram at your last family reunion. As a result of they asked you to try to to thus right then and there? There’s currently how to clean your feed clean of their vacuous posts, while not ever property them learn.


Instagram is rolling out a brand new Mute feature that stops people’s posts from introduction within the app while not requiring you to unfollow them.

Just faucet on the menu button at the highest right corner of a post from the violative user, and faucet Mute. Their posts can not populate your feed, and that they won’t be alerted that they’ve been muted. It conjointly works with Stories, and you’ll mute from the menu there also. You’ll still be notified once you’re labeled in posts or comments by that user, though.

Besides those of us simply just can’t erase from your life. This can conjointly are available in handy for those profiles that are posting concerning stuff you don’t care concerning for a specific amount of your time, like your selfie-loving mate on vacation, or a whole attending AN trade event.

The feature is rolling out over the approaching weeks, thus it’d be ages before it shows informed your device.

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