How to delete your Snapchat account



Snapchat are often AN addictive app. Between the filters, stickers, and also the peace of mind that any goofy footage of videos you send through the app can disappear once viewed, it is easy to induce held within the fun.

But if you are not proud of the new Snap Map feature and its potential privacy implications, or if you have merely had enough of the network. You will be able to delete your account. the method takes simply some minutes, and every one you’ll have is your account information.

On your phone or laptop, visit and check in. Click Delete My Account.

Snapchat now not instantly deletes your account. Instead, your account are going to be suspended for thirty days simply just in case you alter your mind and wish to start victimisation it once more. In this case, simply log into the Snapchat app or the account website to activate your account.

Delete My Account

If you are having a problem on Snapchat, we would be able to facilitate. Contact support to allow us to recognize what is up. If you wish to delete your account, you’ll be able to follow the following steps. We’re sorry to work out you go

Go to the accounts portal and kind within the username and secret for the account you wish to delete. Once taking the steps to delete your account, it’ll 1st be deactivated for thirty days. Whereas your account is deactivated, your friends won’t be able to contact or act with you on Snapchat. Once thirty days, your account are going to be for good deleted. This suggests that your account, account settings, friends, Snaps, Chats, Story, device knowledge, and placement knowledge in our main user info are going to be deleted.

We might retain some personal knowledge sure as shooting legal, security, and business desires. As an example, we’ll retain info regarding any purchases you will have created through Snapchat, and after you accepted our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Want to activate your account? It’s easy! simply log into Snapchat such as you commonly would among thirty days of deactivating it.

Please Note: Whereas your account is deactivated, you will not be able to check in along with your email address, and you will not be able to amendment your secret. Therefore keep it handy just in case you wish to log back in and activate your account.

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