Best way to post a still frame of a video to Instagram

still frame

Still frame

Here’s the scenario: I recorded a still frame video however no photos from my son’s initial race last weekend. My video footage tuned intent on be but compelling. However I needed to share one thing from the massive event on Instagram for his grandparents and my tens of followers.

A still frame may be a single static image taken from a movie or video, that are kinetic pictures. Still frames also are known as

  • freeze frame
  • video prompt
  • preview or deceptively fingernail
  • keyframe
  • poster frame or screen shot.

Freeze frames are wide used on video platforms and in video galleries, to indicate viewers a preview or a teaser. Several video platforms have a typical to show a frame from mid-time of the video.

Some platforms provide the choice to settle on a unique frame one by one. Video and film artists typically use still frames inside the video/film to attain tricks, like freeze-frame shots or still motion.


For criminal investigations it’s become a frequent use to publish still frames from police work videos so as to spot suspect persons and to search out a lot of witnesses.

Videos of the 9/11 attacks are usually mentioned frame-by-frame for varied interpretations. For medical medicine it’s terribly helpful to observe still frames of resonance imaging videos.

Without any photos, what was I to do? With a bit trial and error, I found an honest thanks to post a still frame from the video I captured.

My initial thought was to capture a screenshot of my video because it contend that I might then post to Instagram.

Once some makes an attempt, I found that i could not quite capture the precise frame I needed to share. And if I paused the video at the precise spot I needed, the play button appeared within the center of the frame to ruin any likelihood at grabbing a clean screenshot.

By sound the Edit button within the top-right corner of the Photos app, I found that I might scrub the video to search out the still frame. I needed then leave it paused there while not the play button showing.

I then took a screenshot whereas in edit mode of the still frame I needed to post. Sure, the screenshot enclosed some black borders and therefore the menu controls at the underside. I might crop them out before posting to Instagram.

With my screenshot saved to my camera roll, I simply required to open Instagram, select my screenshot, concentrate enough to basset the unwanted components from the perimeters and bottom. Once applying a filter, I complete up with an excellent shot of my boy in action. And therefore the ensuing post looked no completely different than any of the opposite photos in my feed.

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